is inspired by waves, which are
the foundation of the elementary
particles of matter.


Genesis draws inspiration from waves. I chose the name to reflect the sense of creation and mystery often associated with waves, as seen in oceans, music, and light. This project encourages viewers to reflect on the intricate rhythms of the universe.

My initial interest was in geometric shapes characterized by clear lines and textures. I started an exploratory project to create a system where waves could interact, resulting in simple but visually striking colorful shapes. These initial creations were captivating but not as complex as I desired. My goal was to produce art that not only mesmerized viewers but also evoked a sense of wonder, similar to the complexity found in the universe.

I then decided to simplify my work to its fundamental elements, shifting to black and white to concentrate on the form and structure rather than color. Although this change was challenging, it allowed me to add depth and complexity to my art. By incorporating diffraction patterns, a result of wave interaction, I added a new layer to my compositions, enhancing their overall impact.