TRANSMISSION HD 43197            


Transmission HD 43197
is a short film depicting a mysterious
data transmission to the star
HD 43197.



The process of creating this film was quite technical, requiring the orchestration of several procedural networks generating its different parts. The visual patterns, reminiscent of those in Transmissions 2, were made by Schillinger's algorithm, a method that generates rhythms through the interference of periodicities. These rhythms, represented along a grid, modulate their speed based on a time-varying noise pattern, thus shaping the evolving visual cadences. Symbols indicative of the digits 0-9 were then mapped onto the grid according to the rhythm values at each point. 

Further depth was added to the piece through Houdini's COPs (Compositing Operators) where the symbols were overlaid with multiple layers of coloured noise, enriching the visual texture. The animation’s perpetual upward movement, crafted procedurally through Houdini's CHOPs (Channel Operators), formed the crux of the animation. This looping movement was replicated across various elements of the animation at differing speeds, creating a sense of parallax and depth. Additionally, the derivative of the loop was used to create a subtle squash and stretch effect to the noise pattern on the grid, adding a layer of dynamism to the evolving patterns.