Transmissions 2
transforms polyrhythms into
visual patterns on a grid, suggesting
coded messages awaiting
future decryption.


Transmissions 2 extends the ideas from Transmissions, delving into the synaesthetic connections between music and visual art. In this series, I transformed complex, evolving polyrhythms into grid-based visual compositions, giving the patterns a shimmering element, reminiscent of light.

Initially, these patterns felt too rigid within their grid-like structure. To bring balance and contrast, I introduced organic noise to the compositions. This addition of softer, fluid elements created a harmony between the rigid grids and natural forms, offering a sense of dynamism and representing the constantly evolving nature of music.

Transmissions 2 challenged me to reevaluate my creative process, showing a cyclical pattern where I start with a structure, work within it, and then break free. One significant challenge was understanding the conceptual significance of the streaks of light I felt drawn to include. Despite this, I learned to trust my intuition, even when logic didn't fully explain my artistic choices.

This experience has reinforced that art isn't just about rational decisions; it's about trusting instincts and intuition. This realization has become a vital part of my approach to future projects and artistic exploration.